L'équipe David & David Studio


David & David Studio was set up in 2008 by Laurence and Philippe David, both in love with art and digital photography.


Laurence David

Laurence David is a visual artist. Attracted by a more modern approach to creation, she has a passion for digital photography and has started to dabble into photo editing.
Laurence’s photography background brings out her artist-painter background. Within D&D she takes care of the majority of the photos, from shooting to post-production. Camera and computer may have taken the place of brushes and pencils, the artist’s mind-set is still here: passion and precision.


Philippe David

Philippe David majored in Art. After a brief time in advertisement, he becomes art-publisher. Today he is the manager and creative director of David & David Studio. He also likes to spend time behind the camera.


Flora David

Flora David, their daughter, joined the team in 2015 and took over the marketing department and the company’s communication.